How to buy Facebook likes for a business

Why businesses are so excited about marketing on Facebook.

Virtually anywhere you go today you'll see people on their phones looking at their friends' Facebook status updates. If you go and sit down in a restaurant and eavesdrop on another table's dinner conversation you'll almost certainly overhear them talking about some funny Facebook post, some sexy photos, or make jokes about some Facebook scandal in their friends' personal lives at some point. Facebook's overwhelming domination of popular and social culture is why busineses are trying to do everything that they can promote their business on Facebook.

If you check out magazine or newspaper ads, they don't usually direct people to check out their website, they ask people to Like their Facebook page. If you pay attention to commercials on TV or on the radio, more often than not they'll promote their Facebook page at the end of it. If you take a stroll through the mall or down your city's main business section, you'll see tons of businesses with big stickers in their glass display case windows begging people to like their Facebook page. Virtually every website out there features Facebook like and share buttons in key positions on their site. Particularly in a weaker economy, businesses are trying everything they can to get more customers and sales and market their products, and they're relying on Facebook advertising to do this even more than they're relying on Google search ads and search engine optimization in recent years. Whether they're trying to promote their business page directly or trying to market a particularly snazzy new photo or funny status update, businesses are having success getting in front of the customers that they're targeting and showing up more often within the Newsfeeds of their existing followers.

Why do companies buy Facebook likes and what are some of the advantages?

There are many Facebook marketing options available, but one of the more unique business strategies to emerge in recent years is to buy Facebook likes. There are many companies out there, where for a set price, you can get a guaranteed number of extra likes on your page. Buying fans and likes can provide many benefits to your business, among them are some of the following.

  • Increase your social proof. Anybody that visits your Facebook page will be more likely to take your business seriously when they see that you have over 1,000 Facebook likes than when you had 13 Facebook likes.
  • Increase your Facebook Edgerank score and show up more often in the newsfeed. Facebook developed this "feature" to get businesses to pay them for advertising.
  • Get more likes and comments and activity and shares on your post. The more likes that you get the more interaction you can generate.
  • Increase the number displayed on the "People talking about this" feature on your Facebook page.
  • Rank higher in Facebook, Google, and other search engines.

Be cautious about potential scams.

Buying likes can provide some of these and other benefits to your business, and there are many companies where you can buy real Facebook likes out there. Unfortunately, while there are many of these "Facebook likes providers" out there, not all of them provide a good service that benefits your business.

  • Some of these companies are pure scams and don't even deliver anything.
  • Some of these companies deliver thousands of fake Facebook likes. They pay people in foreign sweatshops to like Facebook pages all day long or use automated bots to like pages. Many of these Facebook accounts get banned or unlike your page soon afterwards so this is why your Facebook count goes down soon afterwards.
  • Some of these companies even use various Facebook security holes and use JavaScript to get people to like Facebook pages without their knowledge. When this happens, many of these hacked people unlike your page and take the anger out on you and curse on your wall and mess up your company's reputation.
  • Many of these companies are located in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and cannot and do not provide customer service during US hours or phone support where you can talk to somebody live. When something goes wrong, and it will, they will not respond to you
  • Many of these companies do not offer any kind of geographical or other targeting options and will deliver likes to you from some village in Moscow or some city in India when your company is located in Phoenix. This doesn't make any sense!
  • Many of these companies do not offer a money-back guarantee.
  • Many of these companies will deliver thousands of likes in one day rather than providing steady targeted growth over the course of a few days or weeks. People will notice and talk about that.
  • Some of these companies are only thinking about their own sales so they use your name and branding on their website in their reviews or testimonials section and list you as one of their customers, trying to piggyback off of your reputation. Be careful about companies who don't have a policy of protecting your privacy.
  • Some of these companies use blackhat tactics that can get you in trouble with Facebook or even get your page banned!
  • Many of these companies offer extremely cheap Facebook likes (say thousands and thousands for $12 or even $3). There is no way that a legitimate company can offer a service for that price. If it sounds too good to be true, they're probably just trying to take your money.
  • Some of these companies have previously been banned from PayPal, Google Checkout, Stripe, and other reputable online payment services so they use some foreign payments services that you probably have never heard of to indirectly charge you. Or they ask for your credit card information directly without using a reputable service. Be very cautious about who you give your personal information to and if you've never heard of their payment processor, look them up first.

Buying Facebook Likes can provide a significant advantage to your business over your competitors, but it pays to be cautious and use your best judgement. Look up a company's phone number and see what support options they offer. Look up a company's reviews online to see what other people think of them. Contact the company and ask them some questions about how their Facebook likes service works to see if they're legitimate or not. Just because there are some scammy companies out there shouldn't dissuade you from seeking out alternative Facebook marketing companies - there are some decent services out there and even some good companies to buy Facebook likes from.

What else can you do to get more customers on Facebook?

Besides buying likes for your business fanpage, there are a number of things that you should be doing as a small business owner or startup founder to get more likes on Facebook that translate into potential customers and sales.

  • Rule #1, make sure that the content you're posting on your social media pages offers some value to people. Post pretty pictures, educate people with indepth-articles and inside information, post links to valuable coupons for free stuff, entertain people with funny jokes and content, curate links effectively and offer high-quality content in an easy to follow package. Creating value is hard work, but if you create something that people love, you're almost guaranteed to succeed in the long run.
  • Make sure your website actually works and there are no broken links anywhere. Many smaller businesses out there don't have an IT department so when they make a change things sometimes unexpectedly break. Test out commenting and submission forms, test out your purchasing forms, click all of the links and make sure they're not broken. Test out search and see that it works. You'd be surprised to see how many websites out there are losing sales just because some feature they're depending on no longer works and nobody has bothered testing it in a while.
  • If you don't have any artistic talent, try and hire a freelance graphic designer to design a high quality Facebook cover image and graphics for your page. This makes you look more professional and makes following your business more appealing to potential customers. As a side benefit you can use this on some of your other social media pages and your website as well.
  • Make sure that you're posting regularly on your Facebook page. When somebody visits your Facebook page and sees that the last post was weeks ago, they'll probably not even bother following you because they'll think the page is dead.
  • Post regularly on your Facebook page, but make sure not to overdo it and post dozens of times per day. People will start to tune you out and unfollow you if you make one post after another and start to dominate their newsfeed. If you have to, use a service like BufferApp to schedule your Facebook posts, or just use Facebook's built in feature to do this.
  • Status updates can be entertaining and posting high quality links always works, but pretty pictures and funny videos can be real attention getters online that can drive a lot of comments, likes, and shares. It takes more effort to create some of this visual content, but the rewards can be substantial.
  • Facebook is the biggest and most important social network, but there are many potential customers out there on Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, and other niche social networks and many marketing options for these platforms as well.
  • Despite the scams out there, don't hesitate to try and buy Facebook fans and explore these Facebook likes services as they can benefit your business. Just use your brain and ask questions and look up their reviews.

Finding Your Online Advantage

There are a large number of ways to promote your small business online to your local community and even reach a national audience. Facebook lets you do this quite easily. Between buying likes, various other Facebook advertising options, content marketing, email marketing, and other types of advertising you can try out different techniques to test out what methods work the best for you. Keep track of the results, chart out your return on investment, and you can use Facebook in a positive way as part of your overall business marketing strategy to get more likes and ultimately more customers and sales.